Unicycle Challenge! *UPDATED*

I was watching tv the other day and saw one of those cheesy AXE deoderant commercials, and I thought to myself “Double Pits to Chesty on a Unicycle?” if you get the idea I dare you to make a video of you doing the double pits to chesty move on a unicykle in MID AIR. Post the vid on YouTube(of course) and post it on this thread and I will make a video too, so have fun.


The commercial:


How to do the trick:

P.S. I suggest you don’t wear a shirt in the first place, seeming that it is highly impossible to rip your shirt off on a unicycle in mid-air.

I’m a 50 year old woman. Do you really want me to leave my shirt off? :astonished:


I’d just be worried about the entaglement issues it would cause. :astonished:

Now there’s a visual for you. . .:o