Unicycle Challenge (revisited)

Such a “seemingly” simple trick, but no takers!!!
A few years ago, I put out the request to do this:

Trick 1: A “clocking” bunny hop.

How to do:
a.) Bunny hop
b.) Simultaneously, start rotating the cranks like a clock.
c.) Rotate an hour at a time. Not a “crank flip”, although that’s probably 2x harder…this should be so easy for you crank flippers.

The mechanical difficulty or trick is:
-the ability to maintain equal pedal pressure at different “clock positions”
-it’s easy to freeze and hold the 3 & 9 o’clock position with equal pedal force, but try that at left pedal at 12 o’clock and right pedal at 6 o’clock and every position in between.

Impossible? Okay, here’s slightly easier:

Trick 2: A 6 & 12 o’clock pedal position bunny hop.

Just channel the power of the “easter bunny”

I know that Trick, only I know this trick as “Half Rev” or “Rev”. I don’t learn them, but it’s a nice one und usefull for Flatland-

To perform a bunny hop, you need to lift your front legs (or wheel) first, and then use power in your back legs (or wheel) to jump off as a whole.

It’s fun to do that on a b*ke! But unicycles kind of miss a wheel to do it. :man_shrugging: Here’s a video showing how it’s done. :rabbit::wink: