Unicycle Century!!!

I just completed my first century (102.9 miles) on my 36er! The last 20 miles were the most difficult, due to knee pain. I really enjoyed the first 80 miles. It took me 9 hours on the saddle. It could not have been a more beautiful day for a milestone ride. Other than my knee acting up, it was a perfect day with ocean views for about 80% of the ride.

Awesome, and nice time too! :smiley: Makes me want a 36er :sunglasses:

Is your 36er geared? Which saddle do you have? No saddle soreness?

No, I’m waiting a Schlumpf hub or someone else to develop a hub with more gears. As for the saddle, I have a KH Street. Oh, I won’t go as far to say that I didn’t have saddle soreness. That being said, most of the saddle soreness was due to fact that I didn’t take enough breaks toward the end of my ride. My knee was in a lot of pain, and it seemed to hurt more, every time I mounted. So, I did everything I could to continue without stopping, even for lights. If I hit a light, I would just make a right and then, I would do a u-turn back to my route. I did this for last 20 miles. That area was a little numb for a while after the ride. If it wasn’t for my knee, though, I would have taken a break and I don’t think I would of had saddle soreness.

Awesome accomplishment Shannon. Hope the knee feels better soon.



That’s an great achievement!
Add another 20 miles and your next trip will be a double century! (120 miles = 200km!)

Amazingly, my knee feels all better. I woke up with it still sore, but after walking around a bit, cleaning the garage, it feels like new. Time to get the blood flowing in that knee area with a small ride to Costco.


No trying to tempt me…that’s not fair! I don’t think I’ll attempting that one any time soon. My knee is telling me “no way.”

Very impressive

It sounds like it was a totally unsupported ride. It would be sooo much more fun if you had someone to ride with. Even if they were on two wheels.

Great job.

I’ve been told by others that reduced pain from activity is because the synovium (tendon sheath) produces oil to lube things. Don’t be surprised if there’s pain again tomorrow.

About ten years ago, I got a pretty bad case in one of my knees. I “treated” it by running more since, after all, running made it feel so good :roll_eyes: . Needless to say, it only really healed once I took a break from running.

Congrats! Don;t forget to add your name to the thread: “who has completed a 100 mile ride”.

I agree! However, I wasn’t even sure that I was going to attempt a century until that morning. Even though I brought my Bluetooth headset, for music and answering my phone, I didn’t use it because I wanted to conserve my battery, so that I could record my ride on Strava. This made my ride even more difficult, with no music. I should have brought my iPod. I ended up talking to myself the last 20 miles. :astonished:

I’m going to take today off to heal and I will see how I feel tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. Good information!