Unicycle Cartoons

Check these ones out. Haven’t read them all… just think it was cool that someone have made some cartoons with unicycles and unicyclists…’

That’s pretty cool. I found this piece of, ahem, off-colored comedy a few days ago. Anyone who is easily offended probably should avoid this.

my fav is the evolution of a unicyclist :slight_smile:

Use the search tag.
There is already a thread for this.


that is not the exactly same thread… I would just like to show some unicycle related cartoons… this thread is not meant to make people show their favorite comics…

Ron Plath classics! I remember those days…

Here’s a couple:
http://www.sluggy.com/comics/archives/daily/20051215 (there’s another one a few weeks later related to it, but I’m not sure where…)

http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-09-02/325-ground-round-circus/ (1st)
http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-09-04/326-just-one-wheel/ (2nd)

Omg evil nick you play kingdom of loathing too? Ballin! I used to until I had too much 60 days of fun…but those sixty days was when I was learning to unicycle…thank you kingdom of loathing! W00T I feel my nerdrenaline flowing through my blood…

I used to play KoL a few years ago, but had to move on when I decided graduating from university was more important than vanquishing the Nauty Sourceress… I was a Disco Bandit. Even after I stopped playing though, I love the broadsword/martini glass combo, and so I’ve never changed my pic :wink:

It’s also a nice easy way to be identified, when I rode with the Toronto club there was a girl there who was wearing a KoL t-shirt, and when I said my avatar on the forums was the guy, she said “Oh, you’re Evil-Nick!” :slight_smile: