Unicycle Cartoon

Hello All,

In today’s “Family Circus” cartoon the kids are watching a guy ride a unicycle
on TV (on a program broadcast over the TV, not literally on top of the TV) and
ask, “Could we get a unicycle with training wheels?”

The Family Circus can be found on the web at:

But, the cartoon (12-07-99) won’t be on that web page for 2 weeks. I follow
cartoons that aren’t published in my local papers on the Philadelphia Inquirer
web page which requires a free registration, which may not be worth the time and
effort to just look at this particular cartoon. If you like to collect unicycle
cartoons you can try :
http://www.phillynews.com/programs/display-custom-comics?PREVIEW=FC that might
work, but the cartoon will just be available today, they don’t have an archive.
If not it will be on the King Features site around December 21, 1999.

All the best,

John Hooten