Unicycle cartoon

Check out the 11/11/98 cartoon at: http://www.kingfeatures.com/comics/zits/
Cartoon are posted nthe web site two weeks after they appear in newspapers. (So
it won’t be posted until11/25/98.) John Hooten

RE: Unicycle Cartoon

How’s this for quick turnaround? John Hooten asked me to post a copy of the
cartoon he found today on my web site. It’s a copyright violation to have it up
there, so it’ll only be there for a few days. I’m sure the presentation is
acceptable to the owners, but they didn’t give permission…


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> Hello All,
> In today’s “Family Circus” cartoon the kids are watching a guy ride a unicycle
> on TV (on a program broadcast over the TV, not literally on top of the TV) and
> ask, “Could we get a unicycle with training wheels?”
> The Family Circus can be found on the web at:
> http://www.kingfeatures.com/comics/familyc/index.htm