unicycle cartoon in daily paper

If only this guy knew about unicon…

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uh, bump?

You should send them some pics from the actual unicon. Just to see what they think.

I just saw this while looking for non uni obstacle courses

(I thought there was a larger thread w/ cartoons).

Ron Plath did a lot of comics and illustrations for Tommy Miller and the Unicycle Factory back in the day. The very first unicycle meet/convention I went to was in August, 1980 and hosted by Tom Miller and the Kokomo Roadrunners Unicycle Club (Indiana). Among other unique events, he did a figure-8 obstacle course where you had to bump over some metal rods, ride over some wooden ramps, and around a thick mass of traffic cones. And not collide with each other in the middle. It was a fun event, that I’ve never seen repeated anywhere. :slight_smile: