Unicycle carrying

Hi all,

I’m looking for some kind of convenient way to carry my unicycle (just
started learning, so I can’t yet ride it where I’m going!). Ideally I’d
like one of the following:

  1. Some rack for carrying it on my bicycle
  2. Some kind of “unicycle backpack”

2 would also allow me to conceal it, which would enable me to take it into
my college (who recently decided unicycles mustn’t be seen in the

Either actual products or general tips would be good.


  1. Some kind of “unicycle backpack”

Arc’Teryx M40 (or 30):

It’s a great pack that happens to carry a unicycle “ok”. Carries skis, axes, rope pretty well too.

I’ve seen the M30 go for ~$100.

any sorta skate pack will work OK too, you can show it off, as you clip it to the outside.

go and take your uni to the store with you so you can “test-fit” the pack.