Unicycle Camp at Burning Man 2011

Hi all!
I’m planning on heading up a unicycle camp at Burning Man 2011. I’m hoping to bring up a bunch of unis, and make a mini-trials course. Justin and I also talked about bringing up some old treadmills and hook them up at an angle for simulated mountain unicycling, along with headcam footage projected in front.

Anyone interested in a unicycle camp?

If you haven’t been to burning man, then this could be a great way to go – meet up with a bunch of cool people you kind of already know (us unicyclists from the forums :slight_smile:


Very interesting! I can’t say if I’m going in 2011 yet, it depends on being able to get off work and general finances but a unicycle camp is a great idea.

I’ve wanted to go to burning man so badly for the last couple years but I always have a conflict. If I get my ticket this year, I will definitely be involved at the unicycle camp!


Do you have a link to more information on Burning Man?

Ummm… http://www.burningman.com/

For a second there, I thought about putting in a link to Google…:smiley:

such an awesome event im gonna try to make it. If I have 300 dollars to spair and some time ill be there!

My wife and I were thinking about going in 2011. We’ll have to figure out a place to stash the kids for a week. This could be the invitation we needed.


Why not take the kids! You can camp in Kidsville.

This has been on my to do list for awhile now and what better way than this. I wold love to be part of this. Not 100% sure at this point but will think about it and let you know as we get closer…

Yeah, right! They’d come back looking like your avatar. :astonished: Oh yeah, and I’d be having oh so much fun at Burning Man doting on my kids when I’d rather be out on a rampage. I think I’ll look for some grandparents to rent for the week and stash the kids there.

Yeah, I’d stash your kids at home; one less thing to worry about!

It would be great to have a lot of familiar unicycle buddies at “uni camp”! I hope you all can make it.


I would like to make it - after years and years of not. I have heard that CMW 2011 may conflict though. It’s looking like Labor Day weekend (again), again out of Calif, but back in the US at least. We’ll see how that goes.

As you can see from http://tickets.burningman.com/ we have some time before we have to buy tickets.


I would love to go. I was already planning to head to burning man 2011 but this gives me extra insentive. I would say there is an 89% chance I will be there.

totally interested


Hey that sounds like a great idea! I went for the first time in 2010, and had a blast! Very fun to unicycle on as well! Were you a part of the unicycle “parade”? I showed up, but couldn’t find anyone! So… burning man!

I already have tickets for 2011!! Check them out!

I’ve been considering joining a camp next year, so I’m searching around. The only problem, is I don’t have a lot of cash for “fees”. I’m totally game for contributing in any way though, and participating! Let me know if this happens, I think it would be perfect, and it would be great to have us all in one place!


That’s was the holiday presale price. The rest go on sale Jan 19 10am pst. The first price level is $210 , there are 9000 available and they will sell out in the first 20 minutes. The $240 tickets will sell out on the same day too. The next 9000 sell for $280, and unlimited for $320

There’s no difference between tickets except for price.

The plan was to have unicycle camp be free to join. Yes, many other camps have other expenses – pancake playhouse (which mike and I have been in), has a fee, but they also provide stuff (free pancakes) to everyone.

i didn’t go last year…it’s been quite a few years since i’ve been to burning man.


It would be really cool to have us all in one place. A bunch of weirdos in a weird place doing weird things. Sounds great to me.