Unicycle. Camera. Delorean. Time Machine.

(here’s what i do now) :slight_smile:

Bri - is the ODOC paying you for the filming?

hi steve, i do not wish to discuss this part of the stuff publicly :slight_smile:

How can you resist filming a Back to the Future DeLorean? That thing looked very movie-accurate. I notice the film didn’t mention it at all, or how it’s connected to the Owner’s Club. Or was all that Owner’s Club stuff filmed in the future, and then the videographer returned to the present to put together his film? :slight_smile:

the funny thing I forgot to mention (yes there is interview stuff about the time machine, this is just a trailer)

A Delorean Owner’s ‘where’s your other wheel?’ is ‘where’s your flux capacitor?’ :slight_smile:

The cool part about the club that i noticed, is that it seems like it’s a whole range of people that would not have met otherwise, all brought together by a single passion. pretty neat :slight_smile:

Sounds like us weirdos. What an interesting bunch we are!

I saw them is Salem Ma, and they wouldn’t let me pose the uni next to the thing… you got skills!

cool when are you buying one ?:smiley:

Looking forward to the whole video!