unicycle CAD dicussion

so im working on a super rough uni frame in autodesk inventor. im just doing it to get the hang of things. so im throwing this out there to people. what would YOU! like to see in a uni frame.

disk brakes?

idk just let me know what parts you want to see and i will CAD them up. who knows we could actually get some real parts made in the future.

somthing fairly light, maybe alluminum allow, reinforced also so its stronger, something like a kh frame, but economically cheaper, and stronger if needed.

maybe throw in something to be able to detach the berring housing and the frame, so you can easy change a tire if needed, or a tube, like a quick release setpost. might be able to work some simple suspension to be detached along with the berrings

if you could detach it though, you might be able to make it coloapsable, like telescopic frame tubing, or folding frame

all of this really strong though lol…

Also, make sure it can fly and doesn’t weigh anything at all. I don’t want to pay more than $5 for it though.

rainbows for wings, invisible, and make it so that whatever it touches turns to gold, or shall i say precious gems… lol… your jewels

ok, my post is going to be serious… back on topic.

a quick release device for the bearing caps would be beyond nice, it is a must, in my opinion a failure by unicycle companies at this point, its a simple mechanical device, easily made onto a frame.

strong and light don’t come with anything collapsable, i really would hate to see a collapsing unicycle frame. its utterly pointless. if it’s that big of a deal, take the seat off.

really, some inner trusses would be awesome… and easy to design.

EDIT::no brakes