unicycle by the bay

Hello South East Queensland Unicyclists.

the time has come once again for a group unicycle ride. This time we will be
heading north of Brisbane to the bay side suburb of Sandgate.

Here are the details:

DATE Saturday 31st May
TIME 9:30 AM
WHERE meet outside Sandgate train station

WHAT We will ride to Shorncliffe and then along the waterfront from Sandgate
to Brighton where we will play a bit of unicycle hockey and basketball.
After that we will stop for fish and chips. After lunch we will ride back to
Sandgate so people can make their own way home.

-we will ride up and down the Sandgate Pier
-we will talk about the upcoming uninats and hopefully get some teams

all of your unicycling friends, money for fish and chips, drinking water,
bicycle helmet and a unicycle with the largest wheel that you can find.

Wayne van Wijk

Awsome! I’ve been waiting for ages to go out unicycling again with you guys. I’ll have to cancel soccer, but I’m there. I’ll try to bring along Rockley and his son James, Gary, Mark (a really talented professional acrobat that you may have already met) and any others who are interested. Mark’s son Jemba and his friend Alexander ride 16" unicycles. Would they be too slow?

Do you know if Sandgate’s any good for trials?

When are you going to join us for a muni ride on Mt. Cootha?

While I’ve got your attension, I’ve got three questions…

  • Have you got that Coker yet?
  • Have you considered a still stand competition at UniNats?
  • Will there be any unicycling videos or even better, DVD’s available to buy at UniNats? I think there’d be enough people willing to buy them. Can Kris Holm come to UniNats? :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to bring my camera on the 31st. We should have heaps more people for Bike Week this year hey? Are Damien and the other two who were at Bike Week (I’ve forgotten their names) going to go on this ride?

Thanks for organising it,

Re: unicycle by the bay

On Mon, 19 May 2003 08:05:12 +1000, “Wayne van Wijk”
<wayne@jester.com.au> wrote:

>we will play a bit of unicycle hockey and basketball.

>BRING (…)
>a unicycle with the largest wheel that you can find.

None of my business (almost 20,000 km from here) but I wondered how
above two are compatible. Coker hockey?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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