Unicycle buying tips?

I am looking for a unicycle that around $300, I mostly ride street and flatland. Any one know what unicycle to get? Right now I have a QU-AX luxus 20 unicycle, but I figured I should move on to a better unicycle for the tricks I’m practicing.

I’d probably go for a Mad4One. Their urban 19" model is 298 euros after you deduct the vat tax. Figure with shipping and the exchange rate that you’re probably looking at $370 or so. But it’s got a 19" wheel, isis cranks, a square crown and M41 quality is top notch. UDC has their Athmos for $330, or about the same price after shipping, but I believe it’s heavier and the crown is slightly rounded. That might be what you want or it might not depending on whether you plan on doing crown related tricks or not.

I think I’ll be going with the Athmos and maybe upgrading the frame later on. The reason why I would choose the Impact Athmos is because right now I am in the US and will be going back to Europe in July, If I got the mad4one then the shipping costs would be pretty expensive.

I recently wanted the same thing and ordered each part separately for around $270 after shipping from five websites. Still waiting on spokes from wheelbuildingparts.com but I got the Nimbus II frame and Duro 2.4” tire from UDC UK, Nimbus VCX ISIS cranks, seat post clamp, pedals, and Nimbus steel isis hub from UDC US, Rant 20” rim from Modernbike.com. I already have a seat so didn’t need another.

My experience ordering from M41 was that it takes about three weeks to a month to get your unicycle. I’ve ordered two now and in both cases I got a notice about 12 or so days later that the unicycle had shipped then about another 12 days for me to receive it on the west coast of the US. I ordered somewhat more expensive unicycles, but what I found was that when shipping and the exchange rate were factored in it was about the same price in dollars as the advertised price in euros including the VAT. On a lower priced unicycle I imagine it would be a bit more than that as the shipping is going to be based on size and weight rather than price.

Same here. Be prepared to wait. The uni at m4o takes time to get built and it took 2 weeks to get through the Italian side of shipping, but Marco at m4o was always really responsive.