Unicycle bumper sticker

Appropriate for the day (in the US that is) I made a single photo gallery of my unicycling bumper sticker.


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Cool bumper sticker. I unicycle and I vote too. I voted this morning. In my state, my vote was thrown away (my opinion), and it usually is, but I keep voting anyway.



Too bad my canadate doesnt even get on the balot. I hate this fucking two party system I try to vote green but they wont let me.



love the sticker!!

love the ‘DARWIN’ sticker even more

Duck Chex, we vote the same. In fact the “I Unicycle, I Vote” sticker is covering up a Nader 2000 one.

New Jersey has a Green Party candidate running for senate and a Green candidate in most of the congressional districts.

Some states make it much more difficult for 3rd party candidates to get on the ballots. NJ is not too bad, I believe. Don’t know about the PA system.

You are the people, Chex. If you want Greens on the ballot, go out and get some signatures. I haven’t done as much as I wish I had this election season, but the highlight was being ejected from the Middlesex County fair grounds for trying to hand out Green literature.

Lewis, in my opinion no vote is thrown away. Indeed, keep on voting!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


I tend to prefer to vote Libertarian or Green or Independent, but it depends on the guys running, and how much research I’ve done, if any. Sometimes when a particular candidate frightens me, I might vote Dem or Rep, but I dont like doing that.



Historically, I have kept my automobiles completely free of political statements (they are political statements in and of themselves, however) by applying no bumper stickers and removing all tags, signs, stickers, etc. from any used car I buy. Your bumper sticker is a powerful temptation to one who has led such a pure life.


Historically, I have slapped my views up wherever I could so long as I didn’t violate too many laws and wasn’t likely to cause small children to burst out in tears.

However, the thought that I could have influence over one who is so widely admired and written about, of such obvious intelligence and so good looking to boot, even if only to corrupt his political purity, well, fills me with great pride.

Go for it, dude.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I also love the Darwin sticker!!! Its so great. damn jesus fishes. . Where did you get the Darwin fish (or i guess its an evolving fish, …anphibian?)? I would like one, but sadly i dont have a car to put it on. oh well.

The uni bumper stickers kick ass as well. YEAH!..


The Darwin fish was a gift. You can get them here, though: http://www.evolvefish.com

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

The bumper sticker is great! Most timely today, but still funny any day. I’m sure you could sell a bunch if you made them.

Do you mean because you voted for a low-percentage candidate? Or do you live in Florida, or what?

To me, the only vote that is thrown away is the vote you didn’t cast. Exercise your right to vote! I too am not a fan of the two-party system. Much as I would like to see alternate party candidates have a chance, I don’t want to vote for them if they don’t even have a longshot chance of winning. Here in CA we have a choice between two main candidates for Governor, Yuck and Ick. I voted for Yuck. If I had voted for one of the other guys, I guess it would be a form of throwing my vote away. But not like not voting. That would be worse.


I mean my vote is thrown away for the following reasons:

  1. I often vote for the low percentage candidate, and that never seems to get anywhere.

  2. Often here in Mississippi (and may be true elsewhere) the low percentage candidates are a little “out there” sometimes, even compared to the national party they align themselves with. So, I end up voting for weirdos.

  3. In Mississippi, it is so conservative here that a vote for either major party, or even most of the minor party candidates, is just about the same … they often attack one another based on their national party, or on differences in the voting record, but everybody here is pretty conservative here, whereas I’m moderate-to-not-on-the-scale at all. :slight_smile:

  4. In electoral college situations, states that are never swing states render presidential votes pointless. Mississippins (as an electoral voting block) always vote Republican for President, even though on local races we frequently vote Democrat. So, in always conservative or always liberal states, dissenting voters have their electoral representation voted elsewhere … usually. Theoretically the state doesnt have to allocate the whole block, but just about all states do. The down side to NOT having an electoral college would be that then the low population density votes would have less weight than high population ones. I guess it has to fall one way or the other, but it leaves me out. Now if I lived in a “swing” state, I’d feel important no matter what my opinion.

Still, I keep right on voting anyway.

ALSO, I dont consider “not voting” to be a waste. Sometimes nobody deserves the vote, and there is no compelling issue to make me pick somebody. Until voting is mandatory, “not voting” is a respectable opinion in my mind, especially if it is a deliberate choice. I have, many times, gone out to the polls, registered, stepped into the booth, and abstained on certain races ON PURPOSE, specifically to vote “all these guys stink.”

I believe there should be an optional “none of the above” on all american polls.


The Darwin Fish is cute … I have one too. The “I vote. I unicycle.” is even cuter … I need to make one. Sadly, I’m too lazy. :slight_smile:



If you dont like who your voting for isnt that a wasted vote? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still wrong. If everyone thinks that thier vote is wasted by voting for a third party canadate then there will never be anysort of reform to the system and you’ll have to settle for voting for people you dont like. California from what I hear has the biggest turn out of 3rd party voters too, so your really not wasting your vote at all, they have a chance at winning out there!

Vote for who you agree with the most,
but more importain than that just VOTE!


There is this guy in Austin, his name is…Jerry? Somebody correct me on that. Well this guy is a hippie who does nothing but ride around on his bike wearing nothing but a g-string ALL THE TIME. Well every year, im not sure how long it has been he has ran for mayor of Austin. He hasnt won, and he most likely never will, but he is ALWAYS on the ballot.
Maybe its a Texas thing


Re: Unicycle bumper sticker

I suppose selling things is mostly a matter of taking advantage of opportunity. This having been said, anyone who wants one can throw “bumper sticker” into Yahoo and come up with any number of sites that let you design your own bumper sticker and order them. Obviously the more you order the cheaper per unit, but I got two of these for about $8.00. The spare will go on when the original wears out (although at this point I suspect the car will go first.)

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

is it considered bad taste in the states to ask someone IF they voted?
i’m talking about in everyday conversation and not in specific discussions like this one

It is considered bad taste (in the States?) to put someone on the spot by asking them if they did something fundamental, basic, and expected, e.g. did you wash your hands? (someone coming out of the restroom - assuming not a child), did you vote? (someone living in the supposedly most free and vibrant democracy the world has ever known or for that matter is likely to ever produce and who knows that voting is the least effort expended to participate in said democracy).

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Uh… did anybody cycle to their polling place? (I hope this isn’t too O.T. or overly contraversal a query) Did they let you take your cycle in with you? If it had a name, did your cycle vote? Did anybody pencil in their cycle’s name? Have a heated discussion with their cycle on the way to the polling place, then ride home in disgusted silence?


me again
still curious
after jjuggle’s (sadly) expected response, i’m wondering if it is seen as being in worse taste than asking someone WHO they voted for?

Sadly expected cause I’m so damn predictable or sadly expected because you suspected was true? Or both?

Seriously, no sarcasm: Here in the US it is not considered particularly inappropriate to ask someone for whom they voted. Most people will gladly tell you and tell you why. In fact there are those who will gladly tell you they have no idea why they voted for whom they did, but just felt that they should vote.

It is inappropriate for, say, your employer to ask you for whom you voted, power relations being what they are.

As for expectations of a response, it is understood as being perfectly acceptable for someone to tell you that it is none of your business for whom they voted. The ballot is secret for a (good) reason.

Most people who don’t vote feel at least some sheepishness about it; others don’t give a crap what you think; some actively don’t vote believing that the electoral process here is so hopelessly flawed as to be meaningless or worse still designed deliberately to fool the electorate into believing they have been given a choice.

Among those who decline to tell you for whom they voted are generally; those who wish to maintain their privacy; those who know they should have voted for a third party (left or right) but didn’t have the guts and went for a Republican or Democrat; those who voted for David Duke.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ