unicycle built for TWO!

Check this out…this pic was sent to me from a guy in OC who had seen our newspaper article a few weeks back. He made this plus other weird uni-contraptions. Pretty Uber-cool!:smiley: Since the saddles are in opposite directions, it looks like it would be a tug ‘o’ war!


and this one…


Is the suspention usefull or does it throw you of balnce?

Don’t know I haven’t ridden them.

That second one looks like a bird.

The first one looks so hard to ride. Not to mention the saddles look terribly uncomfortable.

Suspension doesn’t really work on the frame of the unicycle, well doesn’t help. Since all force lands on the pedals and cranks/hub. Not the seat, well if you do it right it shouldn’t be on the seat.

someone should make suspention pedals.

That suspension uni looks fascinating!

For the most part this is true. A suspended seat can take the bite out of a bumpy ride, but isn’t useful to eat big impacts. I’ve found the suspension seatpost on my carbon MUni to be a nice ride-smoother, but all the big bumps are taken standing up. A suspended seat might be more useful for a road unicycle, like a touring 36-er.

Yes, tandem unicycles are really hard to ride. Even with Sem Abrahams and Ken Fuchs on one, both expert riders, they were only able to go 10-20 meters and had great difficulty making turns. With more practice I’m sure they could get better, but tandem unicycles take something that’s hard to ride and make it quite a bit harder!

That’s interesting - do you find having a suspension post inhibits your riding at all? Does it cause any problems with hopping or other handle usage? Is it strong enough?

I’d been wondering for a while if a suspension post might be worthwhile for making lumpy ground more comfortable.

ahha the two peoples unicycle looks so funny

imagine how is ride that thing ?

There’s a little bit about tandem unicycles here:


Is there any need for a suspension seat doing road rides? Now and again you’ll drop or hop a curb and maybe some potholes… does it make the ride smoother even on pavement?