Unicycle brands?

hey, just wondering what is everyones favorite brand of unicycle?

I like custom unicycles (ie. a collection of good parts, combined with a custom made frame, generally.)



But maybe “Koxx One” soon… We’ll see what Yoggi makes

KH is my favorite BRAND, but my uni is a collection of profile, Yuni, Gemcrest, kinport, KH, primo, and MSHBKS parts. so custom > stock IMO.

For me it is the strongest, most ergonomic and most durable unicycle.
Made by poeple with all over 30 years of experience.
There is no other unicycle I trust like a semcycle.

I built my own MUni frame about a month ago and it’s my favorite. It’s lightweight and tuneable (in case anything gets knocked out of whack):smiley: and tracks better than any other uni I’ve bought.

I’m still a big fan of SH frames and hope to get one in the future.

I don’t have very much experience with different brands. I can say though that Savage is the worst brand ever, ever.

My two favorite brands, are:

Nimbus/Yuni, because they offer really good prices for really solid Items, I own the trials uni from nimbus, a Yuni frame, and a
nimbus wheelset.

Torker. They have an awesome selection of pretty decent unicycles, and arent that pricey either, I have all the parts of a torker 24 LX but not a seat and seat post.

I really like KrisHolm’s stuff, and Summit has good uni’s but Ive never ridden a KH(I only have the seat) and I have only seen a summit(rode for like 5 minutes.

I based all of these judgments opn what I know, and I am sure that if I had ridden everyunicycle ever made, extensively, then my opinions WOULD be much much different. But so far I have no complaints with any of my uni’s so yah!

If it counts as a brand, Unicycle.com. They have done so much for us, to make unicycles available, and to spec them together based on what people requested.

Then Miyata, for developing the best commercial Freestyle unicycle around, and the best seat of its time, with continual improvements.

Then Kris Holm, for picking up where Miyata left off, and creating the strong, offroad unicycles so many of us want and need.