Unicycle braceletes 2

If someone came out with unicycle breceletes what do you all think they should say??

So many choices:

a. We post Just Conversation threads in the JC forum!
b. Unicycle Bracelet.
c. unicycle

well its a unicycling related topic, and its a question so i dont see why it should be in JC? and i think unicycle braclets could say. “two wheels are for pussys, or make it look like a tire and say this is my other wheel :D” lol


Some people would think this thread is “bracelet related” because it has nothing to do with riding (or repairing) a unicycle.
Nonetheless, the choices I presented were for slogans the bracelets could display. :slight_smile:

A better idea for xeaza is to post a poll asking whether or not unicyclists would fall for the latest “fad” by opting to wear the bracelets at all.

unicycle braclets, its like hes talking about poo colored braclets, he’s talking about unicycling braclets.

There has already been some made. One of the clubs at NAUCC was selling them.

They are black and say “Who needs 2 wheels?”

UDC should get some in stock and try to sell.

Have like a teeny mini tire with the words on the side…