Unicycle books

Myles, Garry wrote:
|> Beirne Konarski wrote:
|> >…My Miyata came with Jack Halpern’s book “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle”. For
|> >the material it covers it
|> is
|> >the best book on unicycling that I have read, and I have read all general
|> >unicycling books available. It is full of common-sense advice on learning
|> to
|> >ride, and to learn additional skills. It is too bad that the book is not
|> >available without the Miyata.

Thank you, Beirne, for the kind words. That book is actually supposed to be an
official IUF publication.

|> I was really heartened when I started to read the above. I thought "Great.
|> Just what I need. A well recommended book on unicycling. I didn’t think of
|> that." And then of course I got to the bottom where it said I couldn’t get
|> one without buying a Miyata - which is very much out of the question for me
|> coz I wouldn’t know where to find one even if I did have the money.

I’ll be glad to send the book to anyone who wants it. The price is $5 for the
book and another $5 for airmail. The number of copies is limited.

Stay on top,

Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President

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