Unicycle blog.

Does anyone know of any unicycle blogs. It would be good to read as well as watching videos.

Hey UnicycleSteven,

Not so much a blog but we’ve been posting unicycle articles every week on our website since the beginning of the year :slight_smile:

Just click on the News section of our website and click back through the pages to see the older ones.

Heres the link: http://voodoounicycles.com/news.php

Enjoy, let us know what you think!



Here’s mine:


The Berkeley Unicyclists:

This thread is really old, but I hope to get an answer anyway:) I want to set up my own blog/website and didn’t decide on how to do it yet. Of course I could use a wordpress service like I found here, but I was just curious about what other programs you guys know and what you think of them.


Here’s another one:

http://www.unicyclist.org/ will be splitted in http://www.unicycle.blog/ and http://www.unicycle.how/ (or maybe http://www.unicycle.tips/).
But unicycling is evolving much faster than I can publish.

Those are very nice tips. I will be sure to try them out

Here is my blog about riding the Colorado Trail on a unicycle:

And stayed tuned as I’ll be adding my blog about riding the Arizona Trail on unicycles soon…