unicycle bike concept

I just found this picture on the internet, looks like a pretty interesting unicycle. Has anyone ever seen or used something like this, or would it even be functional?

It’s a composite Photoshop job, that’s been discussed here before. Looking at it now, it’s interesting to notice that several of the features on it have since appeared on unicycles. Disc brake, triathlon-style handlebar, bottle holders.

Not counting the bottle holder in the middle of the wheel down there. :slight_smile:

Virtual spokes, the bottle should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks a lot more like a chain-ring than a disc brake to me.

Obviously this is not a real photo but I seems the general idea would work.

Kinda looks like a terry unicycle.

I believe it was mentioned in an older thread, but notice the missing section of tire behind his knee. :roll_eyes:

I wish! :smiley:

Yes! And the brakes, especially the rear one, appears to be on the tire, instead if the rim!


well as far as the concept goes check out “Turtles” uni’s


that’s what I’m talking about

Check out Turtle’s posts, I know he has that setup with a geared 36’er, but I think he has it set up for a 29 or 26" muni also … it’s been a while since I checked out his posts. Most of his posts are in german I think, but some are in english.

That used to be normal on very old bicycles; tire brakes.
For this “hypermodern” one a strange feature yes.