Unicycle Bearings

Im going to have to buy 2 unicycle bearings but theyre going to be on a 14 mm axle. Im going to try and fit it into the new DX frame. I doubt i am going to ifnd the right size bearing, so where can I find bearing shims? Is there such a thing? Do they make them for the inside and the outside? Im going to need the correct width, right?


If you can’t get them through unicycle suppliers then just contact your local bearing supplier who should be able to sort out the right bearings, and shims if you need them.

if im working through the web, should i look for a 14 mm Inned Diameter or a 15?


Go for the exact size if it is deffintitely 14, if it’s slgithly tight you might have to just press it on slightly, this is far better than having it too lose, about which you can do nothing. The best thing is if you can take it down to the place and have them measure it, then you’ll deff. get the right parts.