Unicycle battle on eBay

Just as I posted my 2005 KH29 on eBay, Jagur posted his Hunter 26" Muni. It’s funny because Jagur and I have had many epic chess battles over on gameknot.com, and now we have another epic shaping up.

The cycles are similar, but with many differences, and it will be interesting to see what happens. His is custom-made and has a brake and fewer miles. What should be interesting is our starting prices. He started his at $425 (a better fair price) and I started mine at $1.

I used to worry that an auction would actually sell for $1, but I’ve sold hundreds of items and the nearly-infinite size of the eBay market all but guarantees a fair price. In my experience, people drive up a low starting bid more enthusiastically than they bid a high starting price. Jagur, if yours doesn’t sell, I bet if you started it at $1, you’d raise more than $425.

I agree, except you need to watch out if your item has heavily restricted buyers, i.e. if it;s very unusual or the buyer has to collect. I’ve had a couple of items (Jaguar cylinder head and differential) go for peanuts because I relied on starting them with low bids.

Fair enough, but I’ve had good luck selling coins, climbing gear, cycle stuff, other general outdoor gear.

Sure -
Ebay charges a little more to start your minimum higher, I think, but they don’t charge you too much until you sell.

fwiw I think you have both done the right thing. With your uni being a KH, anyone that knows even a little tiny bit about unicycles will know it’s good, so you’re bound to get lots of bids and it should sell for a high price. Jaguars, however, is more specialised, and only a limited amount of people will appreciate the Hunter frame or the other nice goodies attached to it. There is a danger that he won’t sell it, but it’s probably better to not sell it than to start with a really low price and sell it to someone that’s taken a punt for $10.

And, sticking to the eBay theme, I managed to bag myself a bargain with another unicycle to add to my collection. Ok, it aint nothing special, and there’s no seat or pedals, but for £8 ($16?) it’s another one I can put together to loan out as a learner.


ha, isnt it going to be a fun watch, i almost paid the extra .40cents to have it listed for the 10 days like yours but that would have put me behind by 18 or so hours. i’d rather lead the race, i guess.

i posted it at $425 cause i have lost restricted buyer items before like mentioned. i once forgot to end a listing prior to the 12 hour dead line on an collectable and it went for said peanuts. most of my listings do start at .99 though not this time. its to risky. its cost 3 bucks to post it at 425 btw.

those 1 dollar start bids on items that you know are going to get higher are fun to bid away on even if your not interested, like right now, im going to bid on yours…there, i just bid $100, oh snap ive been out bid! imagine that. see how fun that is…

Now its your turn to bid on mine :sunglasses:

I start everything at $1. Works for me all the time. Better than starting with a fair purchase price. It will wind up getting you more bidding action and a higher purchase price.

I was just thinking of how much you loved riding that thing when you came to my MUni rides. I’m glad you chose the 36 for everything other than xtreeme MUni.

Except, now I’m getting a new KH29 and building a guni!

Yeah, right - for $425! It’s worth every penny, but I’d probably win and have to explain how I need another muni! :roll_eyes:

battle bump

OK, so with 3 days left my auction started creeping up from $100 where it had stuck for 5 days or so. It’s now at $153. Jagur’s doesn’t have a bid, but his won’t go until the last second, if it goes.


I might have to put in a few bids;)

Heh, my friend told me about both of these auctions yesterday. He’s actually bidding on Steve’s KH.

Since ebay has you enter your maximum bid, starting at $1 is quite effective. Nobody serious is going to put in a max bid of $1, so if you can get more than two serious bids, the price will jump up to something more realistic. I guess you can get in trouble though if nobody bids… However, you’re almost guaranteed to sell it.

Dude, I’m rooting for you, but it’s a high starting bid. Worth every penny, but high.

it was joke, no rooting nessasary. I wonder if anyone is going to bid on any of my other auctions at the moment?

Will combine shipping :wink:

The hunter is gone is an hour or so.

No bids yet?

its funny how all the contacts from craigslist that asked if i would cancel the auction so they could get localy suddenly are not answering their phones now that its over.

time to re-list.

Sweet. Tell him “bid early and bid high”!:wink:

It’s an item enough people want that I didn’t feel it was risky. There are over 50 “watchers” (ebay allows you to watch an auction on your member summary, and if you run an auction, you can see how many people are watching). Edit: Of course most of them are probably on here.

BTW - it’s crazy to bid before the last minute, or even last few seconds, of an ebay auction.