Unicycle Bastards, slaughtering zombies with shotguns & chainsaws. Warning: Its PG13

Yup, so the Unicycle Bastards have been busy this last winter here in Portland. We finished another fun, yet senseless, short film project that debuted at the Filmed By Bike film festival in April.
I think we answered the longstanding question: Is it possible to shoot firearms while riding unicycles??

Check it out at:

Cheers, Brycer1968


Gosh that was good.


Nice. Well-made film :slight_smile:



hahahahahahah … that was very good … very entertaining :smiley:

Love it!
Really well put together



That’s brightened up my day no end!

Haha great! I love this quote from your website:

“Bastards Follow the Teachings of Marx, Groucho Marx.”


haha great!

2 of my favourite things, now combined into one… best. morning. ever!

really well done guys, that was great.

do you mind me asking what you used to film with?

We worked with a local film maker that made all the magic happen. Sorry, but as the lowly talent, I really don’t know the answer to your question. PM me if you want his contact info.


Wow, you do have a bad Zombie infestation in Portland. It is really lucky you have the Unicycle Bastards there to save the day.

That made me laugh so much my broken ribs hurt.


Wow! All that beauty, sweetness and light in one video. Amazing. Can’t wait to share it with the kids…when they get old enough.

Some day I want to be a “shell dropper”. I could make a career out of it. Whadya think?


You could have saved TONS of ammo by just shooting the Zombies in the head! Everyone knows that only headshots destroy zombies! :smiley: I also wonder if some of those who were not actual zombies, since they gushed blood like a fire hose!!! A zombie is dead, therefore has no blood circulation, so there would be no gushing! I hope no non-zombies were killed!

You might also want to wear protective face shields since zombies are likely to have horrific and deadly bacteria so when you got covered and splashed in the face with their dead blood and rotting body parts, you could very well become a zombie, or get a whole host of deadly diseases, especially if you had any open cuts or ingested any of their disgusting blood! You should all get tested immediately…and have a hazmat team secure the area, then have it all burned! :p;):smiley:

Gosh, it looks like I’ll have to renew my permit before I head to Portland this weekend.

Good thing cause poaching is frowned upon in these parts.


Ha Ha, that was too funny! A cinematic masterpiece. :sunglasses: