Unicycle Bastards Invade Portland video

Found this on Google Video:

6 minutes of hilarious fun all about middle aged guys on unicycles and the effects on thier taints, testicles and attracting the ladies. Little children swearing “Hey mister, doesn’t that hurt your junk?” and an ill-fated ride over a mossy log that must have ended in the hospital.
Check it out:


That’s a wicked video! Very great camera skills! Loved the girls asking questions too haha.

I think that video is semi-famous in the Portland, OR area. When JC and I did the Portalnd Bridge Pedal last month, we were asked a couple times whether we were the guys in “that unicycle video”.

Their website is: http://unicyclebastards.com/. They are currently into Unicycle Polo, I’d like to try that some time. They also have gotten into the local Cyclocross Scene, another thing I’d like to try. Note their e-mail list contains this: “(Warning: List contains adult content)”. Some pretty interesting stuff on their posts, this is not your mother’s unicycle group.

A couple of the Bastards caught up with us (me being the slow one) so we rode with them for several miles and stopped at the final rest break. They’re fun guys.

JC, Two Bastards, and Me:

“Bastards Are More Glorious Than The Sparkliest of Sparkly-Underpants”


This is a picture of the majority (one bastard had to go home early and mjfreshyfresh is in the other photo posted) of the bastards from a ride we did New Years day. Yes, we’re bastards; yes, we’re irreverent; and yes, our taints are waxed.

hahahaha that was funny…love the lil kids…