unicycle basketball

I no theres uni hock teams but i havnt herd of any uni basketball teams, i think that there should be tryouts for unicycle basketball, its a bit hard to pick up the ball if its stationary or just rolling but apart from tht i think it will make a great game, i have played basketball on my uni quite a bit now, it is realy gd, i just dont know enough people that can ride a unicycle well enough otherwise i would have started up a group already

Uni basketball has been played at the unicycle world championships for the last 26 years, until this summer it has been won every time by the puerto rican team, the swiss tipped them by a handful of points this year. I used to play a little at school, slamdunking off a giraffe is awesome.

where you from i wana start a team, well a club of uni in general really

Wasn’t it 1 point? Close game, anyway. Great to watch, genuine skill on both sides.