Unicycle basketball, but is it art?

There’s a group of African unicycle basketball players performing as a top-class hip-hop dance act, in London, in ‘Afrika, Afrika’. Who are they? Which country, and do they ever come to Unicon? Anyway, I want to see these guys perform.

There are videos of the unicycling on youtube it says the performers are the King Charles Troup of unicyclists.


Yes! Those are really The King Charles Troupe. They are from the USA but they are now appearing on the Afrika, Afrika show!

And here is a video of their Afrika, Afrika show:


yeh i read about this at first i was jealous but then i figured i wouldn’t really fit the criteria for an Arfican Show Case

http://www.afrika-afrika.com/ or more specific http://www.afrika.pte-ag.eu/index.php/en/show/kuenstler mentiones the King Charles Troupe

They usually stay in Las Vegas. I may have hosted their domain and/or website for a while.

I was on a group motorcycle ride this past weekend on the Blue Ridge Pkwy, and found out that one of my buddies who I have known for about a year and a half through this group, was a member of the King Charles Troupe. He still rides, but never really thought to look around for unicycling related stuff on the net. He may pop in now that I have sent him links. He was a member of the Troupe for 5 years traveling with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

I was blown away. Funny thing is he lives probably 7-8 miles from unicycle.com and didn’t know it. His wife has even seen Josh the MGR at UDC commuting to work on the main road were he lives. Small world.:smiley: