Unicycle basketball article

Our local uni basketball group is the front page story in the local free weekly (East Bay Express). It’s a pretty good article; I like the perspective and most of the facts are right.


Wow, Nate really did a great job! If the team roster isn’t already full (meaning your bench, basically) I may be able to join you, but don’t know if I’ll be able to attend all games. That’s why I ordered a jersey! :slight_smile:

Hey Tom, that’s a great article!!! :astonished: It’s good to know that there are more people seriously practicing this great sport!!

I don’t want to disappoint you but our team is not going to the Unicon this year. So maybe your team has a good chance to become world champions this time, but watch out for the teams from France, they are really good.:wink:
And, by the way, our team has won only 10 of the 14 Unicons but we have attended only 12.

Anyway, we are really looking forward to someday play against your team!!! Right now we are planning to attend next year’s NAUCC , maybe we can play there!!!

Good luck at the Unicon!

Yeah, that’s one of the factual errors, we told them you wouldn’t be in New Zealand, but they liked that angle on the story.

I’m on the organizing committee for NAUCC 2010 and it’s going to be in the Bay Area, so we’ll definitely be here and ready!

(And actually we might be able to get a crew out to Puerto Rico at some point–I’d like to visit, and my wife has some friends there. How’s the MUni?)

I just came in from outside, trying to learn idling.
Damn, I wish I had the kind of control you all have in that video.
The best I’ve done is go forward, pedal half a turn back, then go forward.
It feels like I’m just going on faith that practice will get me there.

My bad. They probably got that information from me. Which Unicons did you guys miss? I’m guessing V and…? I remember the basketball tournament at Unicon III was pretty sketchy (not on the official schedule) but there was a big group from Puerto Rico there.

What’s Unicon XV going to be like with no drums? :frowning:

Play basketball! Your idling will get better quickly, and it’s a lot more fun than practicing idling.

That will be great if some members of your team can come and practice with our team!!! Please let me know when is that going to happen and what your plans are.
And about the Muni here, well I’ve never done any Muni here but there are a lot of MTB trails in the island! You can check them here: http://www.dirtworld.com/trails/traillist.asp?id=80

Hey John, we missed UNICON VIII in Gilford( 1996) and UNICON IX in Bottrop( 1998)


Thanks Carlos. And don’t forget the first Unicon “MUni” race, 1988 in Puerto Rico! Not a very technical trail, but it sure was fun with the mud puddles and the sand trap!

Do you still practice on Tuesday nights?

I might be able to make it on October 27th if someone has a spare unicycle for me to ride?

Might also be around the weekend before for a muni, not sure yet.


That’d be great! Yes, Tuesday nights, and also some Thursdays now, and we can definitely come up with a spare uni for basketball and MUni.

The unicycle basketball video makes it look like a lot of fun.

Do you have any recommendations for appropriate unicycles? Would any 20" or 24" street uni would be ok?


It is a lot of fun!

We mostly use freestyle-ish unicycles; 20" or 24", narrow baldish tire. Some people use a Hookworm, but we find that lighter tires are better. We’ve had people play on 24" MUnis, trials/street unicycles, and 29ers, but ideally you want something that’s easy to turn with.

I’ve played on a 24" for ages; I recently tried a 20" for a couple of sessions; it worked fine, but I went back to the 24" for the additional height. (You lose 2" of max height on the 20").