unicycle bails

I made a movie with al my filmed bails… and my 540°unispin :smiley:

hope you enjoy


38 view, no comments :S, nice video! there are some really nasty bails in there :astonished: .

Nice bails. You should wear leg protection.

Does it exist legg protectors in ur Country? :stuck_out_tongue: Very good bails tought!

It’s cool how you really went for the 5spin even before you could really spin it well. Most people land the 5spin much much after being able to spin it, simply due to lack of testicles.

Damn, You had a hard time learning 540s lol. I learnt them in 10 minutes and didn’t hurt myself once ;). I hate it when you keep hurting yourself in the same place over and over the same way though. You should wear shin guards.

I did it 1 afternoon… :stuck_out_tongue:
and for my 540spin I wear shinguards… but they don’t protect really good… :frowning:

lol, but how can you be able to spin it, if you don’t practise it good :thinking: :smiley:

Dayum! You’re extremely lucky you didn’t fall to your LEFT at :38! You would have been skewered! :astonished: Congrats on the 540!

that is an epic video, congrats!