Unicycle bag for fat tires

I have a mad4one 26x4 muni and I was recently looking at the qu-ax unicycle backpack (the 24-27.5 one) does anyone know if this would fit my fat tired unicycle ?

There are maximum wheel sizes listed here down below the pictures in the description: QU-AX unicycle Backpack - QU-AX, 76,90 €.
It looks like 26x4 is too big for it.

There aren’t very many options for unicycle bags. unicycle.com (in the US at least) has this one: Evoc Travel Bag | Unicycle.com. It’s enormous and expensive. I haven’t used it myself, but it looks like it can be squashed into the right shape with straps. So it might be alright. It’s not going to be as comfortable to carry around as a backpack though.

I remember seeing a few posts a long time back about people making their own bags. Packing Unicycles «

Depends on the type of transport you aim for.

If the goal is a backpack-style storage, chances are that there will be some DIY involved (at least sewing the straps).

If it is for basic storage or plane transportation, I store my fatty in a 29 MTB wheel bag from Mavic. It is cheap, the uni fits in in 3 parts (wheel, frame and saddle/post). And for lateral protection, I just use on layer of cardboard on each side (never got damage during plane transport.

If you want to transform that for back transport, as the pedals are already dropped, you are good!