Unicycle backpacks?


At FLUCK I saw some packpacks made to carry your unicycle around in.
Now I realy would like to buy one for my 20" trials.
Does anybody knows where I can buy them or find more info about them?

Peter M

Are you thinking of this french guy who makes bags for unicycles, I am not sure if they are big enough for trials unicycle wheels.



on that site it appears to say that it will take a trials uni n’est-ce pas!!??

it looks pretty cool, any idea about prices? can they be taken on a plane just as is? or perhaps it would be better to dismantle it to protect the uni in the hold?

Thats awesome!
I think i’m gunna try and make one!

a dakine helipack is designed for snowboards but will carry a uni up to 29" with ease.

Hi Peter,

I have a few ones on stock (orange and green).
I can pack one to your current order :slight_smile:
Send me a mail …



@roland: how much are they at your shop?

69,- EUR incl. German VAT

I just tie mine to my backpack. I shove my pads in which add a bit of padding and I often take my tripod and camera as well. It takes about 30 seconds to a minute to tie and is normaly very sucure. I have done 6 or so miles each way on my 29er with my 19" on my back with no problems.

Do you want it for transporting your uni or to protect it on journeys?

I want it to transport my uni while biking to spots.

Peter M

Great idea :slight_smile: I’m interested in doing that too.