Unicycle Backpack??

has anyone found a way to attach a unicycle to a backpack and have it successfully stay put while riding a bike or another unicycle? I was thinking that you could just put it upside down on a backpack with skateboard straps… has anyone tried this and if so how well did it work?

A friend of mine was recommended a Dakine Helipak and had some success with it. I’ve got one too and have used it to carry my 20" uni when riding my bike or larger unis (though carefully in both cases - it makes me a wide load and I would not want to fall on the backpack uni, it would hurt!).

The helipak has lots of straps and looks for skis and snowboards, it’s possible to attach a uni fairly securely. I’d suggest putting something soft and bulky in the bag so that one of the pedals doesn’t stick in your back - still a bit uncomfortable though.

We used the smaller Helipak but I always liked the look of the larger one too.

You just have to be careful with these rucksacks when you’re not using the straps - if you let them trail they may catch on the wheel of whatever you’re riding at the time. That will not be a rewarding experience! I just make sure to have tied them up securely, which isn’t that tidy but does the job.

Yeah I was also wondering about this recently. I would even be willing to remove the seat and pedals to take the 20" somewhere riding the 36". Just don’t want to have to ride the 20" across town.

I will definitely give that a try, thanks for your suggestion
and yeah Zagira i agree, riding a 20" across town sucks, just takes to long and isn’t much fun

I’ll have to check exactly how I did it, but ISTR I simply put my uni into a normal backpack saddle down and wheel poking out the top, and tightened the straps to stop it moving. That was to carry my 20" uni whilst riding my son’s 16" wheel bike!

I would suggest using some backpack with molle webbing. Although i didn’t try it yet i’m bringing my 24 to camp, pedals and seatpost inside of the bag while wheel strapped onto molle.

Yes, I regularly travel with mine (UK, USA, China, round europe)

I had custom bags made for my 29 and 36 and straps to add them to my back pack. The inside crank slots through the Ice axe loop on the rucksack… some airlines dont like it much and it is pretty heavy, about 30kg for a 2 week trip. Also the seat sticks up high so I have to duck on the doors!!!

I transported my 26" muni attached to Deuter Compact EXP 6 SL Backpack. :roll_eyes:

But for that you have to remove frame. I think it can work with smaller uni just fine - put helmet bag straps through spokes and that is it! Holding perfect.
I think any backpack with helmet holder must be good enough.

With 26" I was look like having propeller on my back :smiley:

I strapped my Muni to a pack like that w/ the seat going up. I then secured the frame/seatpost to one side w/ a bungee cord. I did it on a Camelback Hawg.

It worked best for me w/ the crank & pedal that was against the pack towards the seat and the handle pointing up. I ran the clasp of one strap through the wheel, frame, & over the tire on one side and the other through the wheel and over the tire on the other side.

Unfortunately I cannot get the Dakine Helipack for a couple of months, but I did manage to attach my uni to my backpack using a bungee, velcro strap and hiking clip.

Okay so first of all I put the hiking clip on the holding strap and ran it between the tire and frame and attached it again to the strap, with the bungee I ran it under my crank and hooked it back up to the top holding strap then I simply took the Velcro strap and ran it around the backpack and through the spokes of my uni.

This works pretty well, I still have to give it a field test though, and the only other thing I had to do was remove the right peddle. This stays put really easily but I still think that having a Helipack would make it so much easier.

photo (1).JPG


for a 20’’ or 24’’ i’ve taken off the frame and put it in my backpack and strapped the wheel set to the outside and it works really well.

I tried that but I figured that as soon as I would get to the trails I would want to ride asap, and i’m not very fast at putting the frame back on lol

I got he same bag it works good jut put the pedals horazontal so you dont have to remove them.