unicycle.au.com - Nimbus X 20inch


was just browsing the australian shops and its listed as a new product and i must say im very impressed. It blows every other freestyle unicycle they offer away.

Ive been meaning to get another freestyle unicycle for quite some time. At just over $300, with minimal postage costs this is looking very tempting.

Often when i look at unicycles i can see immediate flaws in them, such as crown design or tyre clearance etc, but when i look at this one it seems to hold up pretty well.

I have a spare miyata saddle sitting in my bedroom which i could slap on and it would be a pretty decent ride, especially for its price. also its a bit lighter than my other uni, which is something ive wanted.

Compared to the hassles of buying a unicycle from overseas (not to mention ridiculous shipping fees) this is a very attractive option. Its great to see they are offering a decent freestyle uni!