unicycle at ray's mtb park

Me and my dad might be taking a road trip to ray’s indoor mtn bike park and I’m going to take my unicycle! I was wondering if there are any unicyclists in the cleveland, ohio area that might want to meet me there. here’s the website to ray’s, it’s a really fun place that’s got jumps, northshore,more northshore and a pump track. http://www.raysmtb.com/index.html

Nice avitar! :wink:

Man that looks really nice!
I’d love to ride there but i live in Holland:P

can you even ride there… look next to the hours…

There has been a unicycle competition before at Ray’s, search for “rolling trials” threads and im sure it will come up. Also a good video by i believe hardcorecokerrider showing him riding coker on many of the sections.

Dang, Wish I could Go! I’ve read articles in the paper about that one and also in MTB magazine.

I’ve been there before on my bike but I wanna take my uni so bad. I called them up and they said I could.

Ray and the gang are VERY receptive to unicyclists