Unicycle at Philmont

Anyone out there been to the Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico?

I had the opportunity to hike Philmont’s wilderness in June 2004. Before and after our hike, I did some unicycling around the area.


Another unicycle photo from Philmont.


i did philmont last year, before i started unicycling though. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

EDIT: where did you hike? did you get to see baldy? did you hike in over the tooth of time?

I went to Philmont last summer, also before I could. I want to go back and do my hike again, since the grand total mileage (including side hikes to Baldy, Phillips, and getting water in between our 3rd dry camp) was 100.4.

Did you do any of the trail? And what countries?

And great shot of the Tooth.

I am a member of the Philmont Staff Association. I was on staff back in the early 1970’s. Once a summer, Philmont allows PSA members to participate in a six-day trek. Counting my 4 summers on staff, I have been to Philmont about a dozen times. It’s GREAT!!

My crew started at Lover’s Leap turnaround then hiked to 1) Crater Lake Camp, 2) Fish Camp 3) Crooked Creek Camp, 4) Clear Creek Camp and 5) Cypher’s Mine Camp. We hiked out to Cimarroncito Turnaround on the 6th day. We figure we hiked about 35 miles. Our highest hike was Mount Phillips at over 11,000 feet.

PopeSam - 100 miles is a long ways in 10 days. You guys must have really been pushing it.

After our Philmont trek was over, we went to Carson National Forest near Taos, NM and hiked Wheeler Peak at just over 13,000 feet.

I have hiked the Tooth of Time and Baldy before but not this year.