Unicycle Assemble @ High School


This was at the start of the school year so it’s a bit old but I though I
would post it anyways.

It’s just the unicycle club at my high school that me and a couple of friends
started. This is us performing in a pep-assembly.

I’m the one that starts riding down the middle at the first and ends up in the middle at the very end and i’m also the last one to jump over the people both times.


WATCH IN HQ!!! :wink:

that looked like alot of fun to be part of, it would be really good to have that many people who ride at one school :smiley:

yeah it’s awesome to unicycle with a lot of people cause you learn stuff alot faster and its just a blast!! haha :wink:

i found it hilarious when that guy rode with another guy on his shoulders…i dunno why but great vid and too bad my schools too lame to unicycle

haha thanks! I actually made that up when we only had 2 unicycles and three people walking home from school one day!

that was good. the 2 wheeler was awesome. I never quite got the hang of it. Nice consistency on the 3 spins.

Yeah the 2-wheeler is way hard!! I tried! It’s nearly impossible! haha

Cool to see so many unicyclists.

how long did it take them to learn. I only had one for a couple of days. It was from my friends 3 wheeler.

haha, looks fun :slight_smile:
some nice tricks in it and a great public :smiley:

I’m not sure how long it took him. I think a week or so probably. But it is very difficult. Most of the time people think that giraffes and juggling is cooler then a 5 spin haha

heh heh. unicycles are awesome.:smiley:

For some reason, I didn’t see this until now. It is awesome. You have a nice group to ride with. Very cool.:smiley:

hey thanks for the comments guys!

Yeah its fun to have so many people to unicycle with. A lot of them give up on it though! Which is stupid! Does anyone else have people that will just get discouraged because they can’t do a trick right away? Just Wondering