Unicycle as transport - a personal note

Now that’s a good one! What exactly do you buy at Costco that can be lugged home on a unicycle? :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I drive 15 miles to work, then an average of 30 miles around town (customer happymaking), then that 15 miles home.

Is there something larger than a Coker that could help?

The hidden questions: What’s the biggest wheel ever made? What’s the Uni land speed record? What’s the biggest available to us? Haven’t I seen a 48" on Unicycle.com? With a little enginuity and chain, couldn’t we see a 60" or 80" or larger?

Re: Unicycle as transport - a personal note

> 1) Road kill passed by slowly as one struggles uphill has a reality to
> it not experienced when passing it by car

Going over it is worse. Slippery when wet. :wink:

Anything that will fit in my backpack. The largest and heaviest load was a sack of rice and two bottles of dishwasher soap. Twenty five pounds really throws off the mounts. Usually I just grab one thing at a time when I unicycle there; a pineapple or some socks.