unicycle as 'sporting equipment' on easyjet

Has anyone flown easyjet (or any other low cost EU airlines) with a unicycle as sporting equipment? Basically I’m in Malta and I came in one 20kg hold luggage with my 20" trials as part of the luggage but I’ve accumulated a bit too much to leave the same way.

Easyjet says you get 20kg for luggage and 12kg for sporting equipment, so you get 32kg and neither bag can exceed 20kg. (they say you can have 14kg sports and 18kg luggage thats apparently not a problem)

My plan is to buy a cheap duffel bag, put clothes in there, and then put the unicycle in my hard suitcase protected by a bit of foam/clothes. Has anyone done this before? How picky are they about ‘sporting equipment’, should I say it’s a unicycle or say it’s a bike? Are they picky about having a few clothes with the sporting equipment and will they expect proof that it is sporting equipment?


I don’t have any experience with EasyJet, but my suggestion is to call your sporting equipment “Sporting Equipment”. If they need to know details, they can ask. :slight_smile: If they ask whether you have a bicycle in there the answer is no. One wheel is better than two in flying.

As always, never, ever lie to customs or immigration people! With airline employees it’s okay to be vague.

Call it sporting equipment. If they ask for details let them know it is a unicycle, they will probably X-ray it anyway.

If they say it is a bike let them know that it is not a bike. It is a unicycle, and has only one wheel. I don’t know about your side of the pond but we get charged more if we have a “bike” in our luggage.

Well intra europe as you may know finding a custom employee is kind of hard :wink: But this is for easyjet, I’m not worried about customs.

You guys are right it might be better not to pretend it’s a bike for flying :slight_smile: