Unicycle Article

A while ago I posted an article to the group for proof reading. Many
thanks for the help that I recieved from Raphael Lasar and John Foss.

Here is the article in it’s finished state.

If you want to use it anywhere feel free. I wouldn’t mind credit as the
author though,

Wayne van Wijk wayne@jester.com.au

The sound of one wheel turning

Can you remember how you felt when you first rode a Bicycle without
training wheels? The feeling is probably long forgotten as most of us
learnt as young children. Teaching a child provides a reminder of the
excitement and liberation that comes from first mastering a bike.

Sadly, as adults we never get to feel that way again. Or can we? Many
people rediscover the pure joy of learning a new physical skill when they
discover that riding on one wheel only looks impossible.

Images of clowns soon disappear when people discover that unicycling is a
serious sport that requires focus, balance and coordination. The image of
the unicycle has changed from one of a quirky recreational cycle to a
highly maneuverable off road cycle and a space saving commuter machine.

To get started all you need is a unicycle, some useful hints and time
to practice. Most people learn to ride unaided after a week or two of
daily practice. A good place to start is in a hallway or next to a
fence or wall.

Be careful of most unicycles sold in bike shops. They tend to sell
low-end, budget unicycles that are not designed to withstand the stress of
frequent riding. The saddles on low-end unicycles also are often poorly
designed and uncomfortable making progress difficult, painful and often
causing physical damage. A good quality unicycle starts at around $165-00
and will feature a contoured seat.

After spending many years trying to find quality unicycles in Queensland,
Wayne van Wijk (teacher of circus skills and the president of the
Australian Unicycle Society) started to import unicycles to use in his
classes. He also sells them as a sideline to his workshops.

Wayne is offering free unicycling lessons to all Bike Queensland Members.
For more information contact Wayne on 07 3891 3660 or 0417 949 117.