Unicycle article in Globe and Mail

August 30 page A7 of Canada’s national Globe and Mail news paper.
A well written article about unicycleing. The rider is Bryan Corry from Victoria BC and there is a photo of him rideing his 24 on a log. Mr. Holm is mentioned as well as the Unipsychos from Calgary.
The article has a muni slant to it but covers street and trials.
High ligths the sport nicely.
Written by Tom Hawthorn.
Find the globe on line at www.globeandmail.com

Cheers Dave

That article was posted ici.

Yes… i read that article too… very brillant… boy that guy is so sexy… yes that was me, i don’t know why they picked those pictures there were so so much better ones (like me doing like a 5 and a half foot drop from a skinney log to another skinney log). Ohh well, such are newspapers, i thought the article turned out well! There is a professonal photographer fallowing me and the other unicyclists around here… so hopefully we can get some more media coverage of the sport!

Great article! I especially liked the ending, where you used your horrific crash to get sympathy from the ladies, and the author said something like “Such is the life of a 17 year old male.”

There may have been considerations such as space (shape of images), being able to see your face, and other things that might seem more important to the newspaper than to you. Like maybe you’d prefer a nice, juicy crash picture? :slight_smile:

I unfortunately did not see the pictures.