Unicycle article in a bicycle magazine - laos unitour

I was at the barber shop today and I looked at a bicycle magazine (sorry I forget which one) and there was a short article on the Laos unitour. The title of the article was “Can’t anyone just write a check anymore” and it explained how a hypnotherapist and x number of unicyclists unicycled x miles to raise money. I could not take the magazine or rip out the page so I am sorry that I do not have a scan of it. Someone might have also already mentioned this too, so sorry if that is the case!

Cool, which magazine was it?

I haven’t got around to submitting any magazine articles for the tour, but one of the other LUT riders must have. :slight_smile:

A bicycling colleague of mine just handed me this from Bicycling (June 2006 - page 38):

People Really Can’t Just Write a Check Anymore, Can They?

What happens when you mix a hypnotherapist, the 24-hour unicycling world record holder and four engineers? You get the 2006 Laos Unicycle Tour (laosunitour.org), which took place last winter. Nineteen unicyclists from seven countries pedaled about 310 miles and raised $2,500 for Oxfam, an organization that fights poverty. The response from the locals was mixed, said Grasshoper Adventures’ Jason Williams, who led the group on his bicycle. “Generally those at the front of our group got the silent reaction and those in the back got cheers and laughter.”