unicycle art

Well this is my awsome unicycle art I have many different scenarios but this an example and if anyone wants a custom pictre, put your name down on this thread an tell me what you want on the picture and I will post it so you can copy it:D and dont critisize just laugh

here is the picture

uniman.bmp (393 KB)

Hahahahha.Show us more!

I messed it up(hope you dont mind).

uniman[2].bmp (393 KB)

here is another one

uniman2.bmp (277 KB)

Could you draw him still on the unicycle,upside down,with his face mashed in the ground,or somthing?

I cant draw sombody still on the uni.it looks funny.

I can do that I will post it tommorow

k here is you picture man:D

face.bmp (202 KB)

I can draw that…


Wow that is insane you are like the greatest artist in the world

Higher res. :slight_smile:

Here is my version:D

uniman[3].bmp (393 KB)

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA thats hilariouse:D :smiley: :smiley:

And another one.

glider_by_fexnix.bmp (601 KB)

Thats not gliding,though.its wheel walking.

stairflair[1].bmp (448 KB)

do you make those with a graphics pad?

I use paint or adobe photoshop but the ones I have shown are on paint

hehe, both brockfisher05 and fexnix are great artists!

my logo

murde mental.bmp (152 KB)

thank you for the compliment but I am not that great

must it be computer program-made? if not i need to acquire a scanner for a picture my friend drew of a robot riding a unicycle whilst yo-yoing (it also has a nifty crab claw for no reason, the kid is just so freaking random)