Unicycle art

Tire looks to be on the outside of the rim. Am I right?


No…that’s not it! Here’s another hint - it is something to do brand marking on the tire.

Table Top is upside down. Should be the other way. See pic:


We have a winner!
Give that man a cigar!

Hey unigami i just figured out we are only like a hour and a half away! meet half way and ride?

That would be awesome, as long as you don’t mind riding with an old dude!

I am totally fine with that!



Woaahh check out what just showed up on ebay

This guy used the Schwinn pic because his unicycle is still in the box.


Lol win

That is hilarious!

You should contact him. Asking for a usage fee! :smiley:

It appears that Terry "SPOKE " too soon. Lol!!



Hey unigami, I was wondering if digital art simply is a hobby for you, or you work in a related field ? You have some fantastic renders ! I am particularly a fan of your Beatles radio one, but all of your models have great details.

I am studying in architecture and use SU and KT quite often. Do you also use Maxwell or VRay, or have you tried them ?

Great job anyhow, it’s nice to see two passions come together !


It’s a shame no one’s made a button for this.

BTW, in case you don’t know, Boris is the mayor of London.