Unicycle art

One of my hobbies is digital art, and I thought I’d share a couple images that I’ve made. I typically use SketchUp to create the digital model and Kerkythea to create the render. I sometimes add a little bit of post processing in Photoshop.

Here’s a Nimbus 24" Muni

And here is a classic Schwinn

Has anyone else made some unicycle related art that they would like to share?

Very nice work. Crystal clear.

thoes are super cool! how do you make them so clean?

That Schwinn is schweet! The seat looks a little off, but the overall render is amazing! Right down to what I believe is a replacement tire; not the original? And it’s on the old-school frame, not the main-cap type. :slight_smile:

Art work is great. Diggin the red dice valve cap on the Schwinn.

Wow! The detail is jaw-dropping. Very nice. :astonished:

also how do you do that?

Were these created entirely on a computer?

They look really cool!

Here’s a thread about Unicycle Drawings

Thanks for the nice comments!

Yeah, these were all completely done on a computer using SketchUp (3D modeling software similar to SolidWorks) and Kerkythea, which creates photo-realistic renders by allowing you to create materials with physical properties, set up lighting, and shoot digital photons at the model to “take a picture”.

To get a nice sharp render you have to let the computer process it for quite awhile, I usually let it run all night.

John, you’re right about the Schwinn - that’s a replacement tire!

Here’s the most ambitious model I’ve made - a Honda CT70 trail bike. I had one of these in the 70’s. It took me about three months to do this one!

Those are amazing. Its hard to believe they are computer generated.

holy crap i had to read what you wrote twice just to double check that they weren’t photos great job

Nice work and very realistic. But after counting several times, it appears that the Nimbus has only 35 spokes.

So that’s what looked funky!! I knew something about the spokes was wrong I just couldn’t figure out what.

Terry, you almost ruined my day! I went back and checked, and I think you are missing the count of one spoke that is completely hidden by the frame.

Here is a quick render that I just did with a head-on viewpoint and the frame removed to make it easier to see. 36 spokes with a 3X pattern.

Oh BTW, there actually is a mistake here and I wonder if anyone can spot it. I’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with the tire.

I discovered it after I was done and it’s too difficult to fix…no one would notice it except a real gear head like you guys!

I Highlighted all the spokes I could see, which add up to 35. Is the “missing” spoke at the top behind the “x” I put on the frame?


I want to see more! these are super cool!


Thanks! You can see more here on my DeviantArt page: