Unicycle application for iOS devices

I made a unicycle application. It is recently updated for iOS 6. What do you think?


  • How to ride a unicycle
  • Practice and master unicycling
  • Improve riding abilities
  • Mental practice
  • Track your achievements via statistics
  • Improve your skills with videos and photos


-> 77 Videos
-> 160 Tricks
-> 18 Step by step trick descriptions

//// For:

  • Beginners
  • Young and old unicyclists
  • Teachers and trainers
  • Adventurous people
  • YOU!

Main idea:
To support beginners and advanced unicyclists according to their abilities, I have created an application for each group. The division into two applications also makes it easier for everyone to understand its content. The two applications are practical for me because I am a unicycle trainer and athlete, which gives me the ability to switch depending on the situation.

The starter application is mainly build for beginners and trainers, whereas the advanced application (not published yet) contains more tricks, which is ideal for your competition training.

My app:

Are you on facebook? Yes, then you can win a free copy of my app :):

I appreciate to hear some suggestion to make the application better.

Philipp Henestrosa

Thanks for making the app. There wasn’t much unicycle related applications in the app store until this.

On the screenshot at the app store I see Safty… should be Safety.

Nice idea! I hope you get a lot of buyers! :sunglasses:

@MuniOrBust: thx. I fixed it with the new update. :slight_smile:

That’s a big ad.

Your app looks very ambitious! I haven’t downloaded it yet. One thing I noticed is that it might be hard for people to find. Perhaps the leading word in your title should be “Unicycle” because that’s what people will search on. My initial search of “unicycl” didn’t bring it up (the App Store “corrected” my search to “unicycle”). I’ve got to try it out, even though, like 99% of current iPhone users, I have a different shaped screen than the iPhone 5…

Oh and I noticed it’s a 404MB download. That’s huge for a mobile device app, and I’m not willing to give up that much space to an app I’m not sure about. If most of that is videos, host them on YouTube and link to them.