Unicycle? Anybody have a unicycle?

Due to my recent misfortune regarding my old Sears uni breaking, I am again in the market for a unicycle.
I am beginner and had finally started to get the hang of riding when my unicycle broke.
I am not looking for anything fancy and don’t want to spend very much. I am looking in the 20-24 inch category.
Maybe someone has one that’s been sitting unused in their garage for many years and is willing to part with it at a low price?

I am in Carlisle, PA, USA. Thanks for reading!

I have a Torker LX 24" that has been sitting around collecting dust. I used it for about the first month or so of my riding, then got a new one.

Check it out, you can find pics on that page.

Pm sent, welcome to the forums! It’s great to see yet another rider in central pa!

Jeremy check your pm’s

ive got a torker AX with some metal pedals (not sure what kinds i got them from my friend who bmxs but they have great grip) its in good shape with just a few scratches on the pedals and cranks, about 2 months of use on it that im going to sell

no noone on this website has ever owned a unicycle so you should just get a brand new one a udc(unicycle dot com)

Oh, am I supposed to close the thread? Maybe I should read the guidelines. :sunglasses: I actually did not get my unicycle in the mail yet, but that should change in a few days.:):slight_smile:

I have a Torker DX for sale that’s in great condition. I’m asking $200 for it but the price is negotiable.:slight_smile:

He bought this kids unicycle, I do believe.

That makes me feel stupid. but then again, how awake would you be at 6:30 on sunday morning?:stuck_out_tongue:

The End

I got my unicycle today, so I am not in need of one.:stuck_out_tongue: