Unicycle Animation (pivot): Work.

About a year ago, I made a big unicycle animation. I was supposed to make it with someone else, but I never got to hand it to him, and here I am now with this file that I have no use for.

I just coded a play button, and put the animation to music that I intended upon in the first place.

I was kidding myself thinking I would continue this, but the few times I worked on it, I put some effort into it. I can’t remember the last time I touched it.

Umm. Enjoy

Okay, that link didn’t work, but This one does.

I liked the blud drippage. Really smooth and realistic motion, gewd sturf.

thats amazing. I wish i could do that on pivot

Nice. Lookin’ good.

That looked like more than just pivot. Mind if I ask what else you used, if anything? And how did you save it as a .swf file?

Ignoring my cluelessness, that was a great animation. Very smooth.

The whole animation was pivot.

I just made the play button, and put the music in with Flash CS3

Then that was one of the cleanest and most detailed animation I’ve ever seen from pivot.

Word. Gang Starr. Nice video

I don’t know anything about the computer programing involved in doing something like this but what I could see of it was really amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

thanks :slight_smile: