Unicycle and Wheelbarrow - Low Skill, but Fun

Dont expect too much please. It’s a minimalistiv clip and was created in time of boredom. But one thing I can say for sure: The Music Is Great (Beck - Elevator Music).

Funny vid! :stuck_out_tongue: I liked it. Good job.

I enjoyed the bouncing at 3:13. It’s wheelbarrowing at its finest. :smiley:

Keep 'em coming!

I’m sitting here with my students working quietly, and that just made me laugh out loud. (Don’t tell on me for watching videos while I’m working)

Huh, somebody like this video, that made me happy.

What about getting Pro in riding wheelbarrows?

Isnt it normal for students, doing stuff they shouldnt do?
Its a good feeling to make other people laug a bit.

Would be cool if some of you can give a comment on Youtube.