Unicycle and trailers

Hi everybody,

I was starting to plan next summer vacation and was keen on having a uni bikepacking week (road riding & camping). Skipping all the boring details, I came to wonder how does a bike trailer do on a unicycle.

Anybody tried and can report about how it does with the front/back balancing ? How manageable it is with some moderate load (I am not planning to move my whole house) ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on how well it work and what kind of features make it work best (with the attachment to the uni, wheels, …).

Note: as for the equipment and tricks to load things on the uni without resorting to a backpack, there is already plenty of info on the forum :slight_smile:

This thread should give you a couple of ideas :slight_smile:

Hint: Use the search function

This comes across really douchey. :roll_eyes:

I did this…you could change the seat for a box

In what way? It wasn’t intended to be…

. . . pretty much like this. . .

Now THAT is kind of douchey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Juni: I wouldn’t worry about it. What you did is pretty much my standard response to these kind of questions: Give a helpful tidbit and suggest the search function if it seems they have not done so. Even experienced members need a reminder every once in a while.

Twas the epitome of class :slight_smile:

One thing I don’t remember seeing on the trailer threads was anyone using a BOB style trailer. I would be more inclined to go that route myself.
Ah who am I kidding, I would use my cargo bike, although touring by Peny-Farthing with saddle bags on the back could be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks Saskatchewanian, I really was just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:
How about going the route of racks instead of a trailer?

Hehe, I would probably agree with you, if all I had said was to use the search function :wink:

I am happy I was able to bring some fun :stuck_out_tongue:

@Juni: your link was one of the best non-video result from the search engine. However:

  • It mostly talks about a homemade trailer (not planning on building one)
  • Home posted an interesting trailer but did not mention the brand & model (the attachment adaptation seems simple enough)
  • They report that they ride fine except for a loaded free mount but I still wonder how a rear dismount goes with a pole behind [/LIST]

    Other non-video topics (out of the 4 pages of results):

    • [Pulling a trailer with your unicycle?](/t/pulling-a-trailer-with-your-unicycle/86130/1) is more of a discussion about feasibility (more than reviewing some equipment specifically)
    • [Unicycle trailer ](/t/unicycle-trailer/98504/1) mention several homemade ones but most of the links are dead (and I am not yet planning to go DIY)
    • [Has anyone adapted a BOB trailer to a unicycle?](/t/has-anyone-adapted-a-bob-trailer-to-a-unicycle/75755/1) is along Saskatchewanian idea but ends shortly
    • [one wheeled trailer for bike to carry uni](/t/one-wheeled-trailer-for-bike-to-carry-uni/90043/1) is another homemade trailer discussion that never left the bike trailer topic
    • [finally i have made the final uni trailer](/t/finally-i-have-made-the-final-uni-trailer/60392/1) has another interesting homemade design but no load or distance report
    (note: a lot of the trailer on a uni discussion seems to be from first half of the 2000s)

    @Saskatchewanian: Thanks for the brand. When I saw the pic on their website it rang a bell from a bikepacking vid I saw a while ago. It is worth studying…

    @Juni: Racks are a possibility. However, as I will be accompanied but be the stronger rider of the 2, I may end up with most of the equipment and I know I should avoid the crazy backpack if I am planning to use my back :wink:
    I had ideas to use a rack in conjunction with a bar on the back of my Shadow base to create some kind of a “framebag” situation. But even for simpler things, I still have to do research on how strong are bike racks that can fit a uni and see what tricks to use for a stable load…

    Back to the original question, I am interested to hear the feedback from anybody that got a commercial trailer (being for bikes, runners or whatever) and had success/failure using it with a uni.
    Same for the riding experience (especially rear dismount & free mounts).

  • Apart from custom made racks I’ve seen, I’d recommend the thule racks. They connect to the frame at 2 points, so are plenty strong enough to to take heavy loads. I have one on my 36er, and plan on adding another to the front when I go on some multi day rides.

    Here is a link to a video on YouTube of them being used on a unitour

    mtb trailers

    I haven’t actually tried a trailer behind the unicycle (I’ve rigged one up to push, see below), but I thought I’d post some thoughts…

    Basically there are 4 types of bike trailer attachments that I know (I’ve owned all 4 types):
    a) seat post mount (e.g. Tout-Terrain)
    b) left side skewer quick-release (e.g. Chariot, Burley, Weber, most high-end kid trailers)
    c) left side swingarm (e.g. many cheap kid trailers, I think mine is Kid-Cargo or something like that, but I switched mine out for a Chariot mount)
    d) 2-sided skewer quick-release (e.g. BOB).

    Although it seems like it would have the best riding characteristics, the seat post mount (a) presents the challenge that it could get in the way when dismounting to the rear. In the picture above in the thread the connection bar is angled sharply downward which seems better than mine. Mine stays at a height just above rear tire, which seems like it would be really difficult/dangerous in a rear dismount - in theory I guess you could kind of tilt the uni back as you dismounted so the connections point would go down but this would require that the mount allows for this movement (as a bike only “rotates” this way when doing a steep hill or a wheelie, not sure if there’s enough range – on my BOB I can do a wheelie, so up to about 45 degree angle does work, which might just be enough). Even so it could be close as doing a ear dismount would require controlling the unicycle by holding the seat and rotating it back, but in a UPD this might not be possible. Here the uni size makes a difference: I would probably most want to pull a trailer with my 36 or a 29 so you’re up high. With a 26 it would probably be more feasible.

    All of the single-sided mounts I have had (b & c) have the problem that the connection has some play so “strechtes” when riding with a bike (e.g. when riding a bike while standing and cranking, you push the cranks with at first low load and then the connecter tensions and the load increases a lot and then kind of rocks back and forth). It’s annoying on a bike, but I think on a unicycle it would be really hard to ride with any significant weight.

    (d) 2-sided skewer quick-release: I have a really old BOB-trailer and used it a lot with a mtb. In theory I think it would work, you would just have to adapt the attachment that is designed to go on both ends of the quick release skewer of the rear axel. I forgot exactly, but I think the width should have an inner width of 135mm, so is a little wide than a uni. As I don’t think it would work to attach to the crank bolts (as they rotate), the options would seem to be: a) put a clamp like a pipe fitting clamp on each leg of the frame and attache the BOB there, or b) put longer screws on the fork clamps (forgot the name) and then make a custom metal piece onto which the BOB attaches.

    Otherwise I would think the BOB would be the best choice with the two advantages: 1) the two-sided mount has almost no play, which should make uni riding much more pleasant, and 2) the mount is low down near the level of the axel so for rear dismount you just have to spread your legs a bit and it should be ok.

    I’d be interested to see what you try out. My motivation is a little different as I transport my 2 small kids almost daily in a bike trailer and then have to bike instead of taking the uni. I have set up one of the 2-wheeled trailers (Chariot) with an extra long handle and can then push the trailer (the problem with the normal handle is that the trailer is too close and the wheel rubs on the rear of the trailer, plus with my 36 the handle is way too low, so uncomfortable). With my extra-long handle (extended about 30cm) this works ok, but basically turns the uni into a tricycle so riding is less “fun”. Plus, slow-speed turning and such at lights can be kind of hard although I think with practice it could be mastered.


    Oh, on racks I know that a girl from Pine, Colorado (forgot here name, ah looked it up: Kelli) who did a multi-week trip in the Alps with the Swiss-French/Canadian girl from Vancouver summer 2016 had a rack on her muni (I rode with her at the Colorado Muni weekend in Winter Park and she was “training” with an empty rack on a KH29 on hard-code muni trails). Check my thread about Colorado July 2016 and/or search for the “girls muni” alpine trip or whatever. There’s also a website… ok, found it: http://monocyclette.ca/ I don’t see any picture of Kelli’s rack (I think it was live a V-shaped rear bike rack) but there are pictures of Anne-Sophie’s somewhat unusual looking rack, e.g. http://monocyclette.ca/wp-content/gallery/voyage/img_1310.jpg There are a few more pictures on the website.

    I got quite a chuckle thinking about Kelli’s rack, for some reason that conjures up images of wine glasses :stuck_out_tongue:

    Both Kelli and An’So rock, they really Kicked Alps on that trip.

    What about those runner-parent-with-a-baby-push-thingies?
    Either buy a cargo-version, or modify?
    I don’t know if they’ll work, I’m just throwing another idea up there:)
    http://m.imgur.com/gallery/wdgVsgb (random Google picture)