Unicycle Africa June 2009

Escape Adventures are organising a unicycle tour of Kenya and Tanzania in 2009. Have a look at their website and contact them if you are interested. They are a tour operator based in New Zealand. See email below for details.

Ken Looi

Hi All

Thank you to all of you who I have been talking to over the last couple of weeks in regard to a proposed Unicycle Tour in Africa for 2009.

I would like to let you all know that we have now gone official on this and set the date for the first ever Unicycle Tour in Africa, 16 days from Sat June 20th to Sun July 5th 2009!

It will be a fully vehicle supported and catered tour following the same itinerary as our awesome Kenya and Tanzania bike trip that we have been leading and improving for the last 8 years. (Info attached).

This is a mostly off-road tour riding on non-technical dirt roads, tracks and some single track. We stay with local Maasai families, spend time in National parks with the wildlife and ride through a range of fantastic landscapes. If you would like some feedback from past bikers please check out our website www.escapeadv.com or drop us a line and we can put you onto some guys to talk to.

I know its a long way off and most people on this planet have a hard enough time knowing what they will be doing next week, let alone in 2009, but what we would like is a registration of interest in the tour. We will be taking a maximum of 10 riders plus our crew (2 x leaders and support driver) so if there is enough interest we will schedule a second departure to run a week after the first. As we need to set our schedule nearly 2 years in advance having an idea of possible numbers will make it possible to schedule the 2nd trip if needed.

If you know of any other keen unicyclists who may be interested please forward this email to them, or if you know of any unicycle forums that we can post this info onto can you please let me know, thanks.

I look for ward to hearing from you soon, please feel free to drop me aline anytime for more info.

Go well

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Skype me at: john.etherington

Can we talk about a “multi-tour” discount? I’d love to take in a tour or three every year, but it’s going to be tough to pay for everything with all the time away from work. :smiley:

That sounds fantastic! I’m in.

Doesn’t it conflict with the tour of Mongolia? …or has that been postponed indefinitely?

You don’t have to do all of them! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s SINZ, Laos and Uninam Tours are still cheap considering that accomodation, meals, support vehicle, support crew, website, internal flight etc are paid for.

Uninam is bulging at the seams already, so it’s nice that some other people can organise unitours as well. As far as I know, none have been done in Africa yet. I don’t know about Andy Cotter, but he usually does tours every couple of years, so you might see three or four tours in 2009.

Monguni is still on the menu. It may happen about a month or two after the Africa tour.

I’m not involved in organising the Africa Tour, so you’ll have to talk to them directly :smiley: I’ll likely join them on tour so it’s unlikely I’ll be organising Monguni to clash with an Africa tour!


Dang, three or so tours in 2009. I don’t want to have to choose. I may have to quit my job!!

I’m not sure if we can do two tours in summer 2009. Although camping and offroading in Mongolia sounds like it can’t be beat, it turns out it actually can be. If we can only go on one, it will be Africa. That sounds too good to be true.


I may be up for Africa.

That pretty much seals the deal. I’d get to meet the great BTM.

Africa sounds incredible. I’ve already got myself put on the mailing list, or at least told them to send me updates :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m laughing already.

Louise and I are in!

The 3 of us just signed up and paid the deposit - we’re in too!



It’s still 2yrs away. Now that’s what I call forward planning.

There will definitely be another AU tour in 2009, but I may have to reschedule Mongoni so it doesn’t clash with these guys.


I would love to say “I’m going too!” but I have no idea what my financial situation will be like then.

I will think about it more after RTL and have a steady job…

Just heard from John the organizer in New Zealand that the initial trip we have signed up for is full. This is Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, from June 20th to July 5th 2009. There are 10 people going, 5 from my town of Los Gatos, plus various others from the US and Canada.

John wants me to tell everyone that they are adding a second trip, which will be the same route but in reverse, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. This trip will start July 11, 2009 and will also be 16 days long, fully supported.

Read more details here: http://www.escapeadventures.co.nz/tanzania

* 12 days unicycling - 90% on dirt and 4x4 roads, some paved roads, and a wee bit of non-technical single track. 
* While most of the riding on this trip is non-technical some off road unicycling experience will help.
* A good level of fitness will add to the enjoyment of your trip.
* From 25km to 90km per day. Total distance approximately 550km.  

Tour-wise for 2009, there won’t be a Andy/Nathan tour that year, and Mongolia is put off until July/Aug 2010 (since there won’t be a Unicon that time). So it looks to me that you really want to go to Africa! At least I sure do!


Tour wise I will probably not be attending this as it is too close to Unicon for me.

But there WILL be another Adventure Unicyclist Unitour. We’re rescheduling Mongolia for some time in future, but we are doing India in February next year.

Details out soon.

Just to emphasize, I have nothing to do with organising the Africa Unicycle Tour. If you have any queries, you need to contact them directly.


Ken Looi

INDIA!! It is my dream to be a part of one of these tours. Really, I wanted to join one this summer but the cheapness and proximity of RTL has rendered me busy. I promise I will be on one of these epic tours in the next few years.