Unicycle adventures

Sep has just started unicycleadventures.com, he is totally addicted to riding and would like to host a tour that cateres to women. He thinks it would be great for the sport and so do I. He got me started with a unicycle that he left me while he went to Bolivia to ride the world’s most dangerous highway. I emailed him three days later to notify him that I would be “riding circles around him” when he got home! LOL! I love this sports and we have been riding all around Guatemala finding trails, on and off road, and if there is enough interest it would be great to do an all women’s tour. Please take the time to view the website www.unicycleadventures.com

Calm down a bit. That’s about 4 times you’ve posted the same stuff in the last 24 hours. The biggest way to scare off unicyclists is to look like you’re a spammer. The site looks good, and the photos are encouraging, but wait for a bit of feedback to see what people here are interested in.

STM - happy to be the only bloke in an all womens tour :smiley:

I’d do it if it were an all-women’s sponsored tour.

That said, I like this line

“The idea for this business venture was basically by chance. The founder was searching for some information on THE WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS ROAD in Bolivia. He wanted to know if it had been ridden on a unicycle.”

More women should take up Unitouring…I’m always disappointed with how few there are on tour!